January Newsletter 2018

Happy New Year! WIS wishes you all success in your experiments, studies, writing, coding, and other scientific adventures in 2018!

WIS PDX and Genentech Women Professionals are cohosting an upcoming professional development event on February 21st, which will include talks from the Genentech leadership team, breakout sessions on career development, and networking opportunities. Ticket numbers will be limited. Registration will be available in early Feb and will be announced in the next newsletter. See more: https://womeninsciencepdx.org/event/accelerate-your-career/

Save the date – we’re co-hosting an event with OBI, Oregon Best, and OCTRI!
There will be a panel discussion on women in entrepreneurship and networking time after the panel. March 8th in the evening at Oregon Best, more details to follow.

Are you a student or post-doc at OHSU? Join us on January 16th for a Lunch & Learn Seminar to learn about the services that the staff at J.B. Trainer Wellness Center (Student Health) can offer all of you! Bring your lunch along with any questions you have, and participate in a short mindfulness session, which will be part of the seminar.
January 16th, 12-1pm, MRB310.
The event is free, registration is encouraged! Please register here. Contact jolanda.muenzel@womeninsciencepdx.org with questions.

Outreach Opportunities
Volunteer for OMSI Brain Fair! Kids big and small come from all over the area to learn about the brain and have some of their first interactions with scientists. WIS will be presenting a poster about notable women in neuroscience and guiding a brain craft activity. Email Ruth (ruth.barrett@womeninsciencepdx.org) to volunteer for a couple of hours on Saturday, March 10, 2018.

We are now recruiting people (no specialty knowledge necessary, but certainly welcome) to teach a class on the brain for 4th and 5th graders. Most of the material is already prepared, so the majority of the time commitment is the day of the class. The class will be Saturday, April 7, 9:30am-3:30pm. Email Ruth (ruth.barrett@womeninsciencepdx.org) if you’re interested in teaching or helping out.

Are you interested in becoming active in the WIS PDX community? We are looking for a motivated enthusiast to function as a liaison between WIS PDX and the OHSU WEBMAC Committee (Workplace Expression of Breast Milk Advisory Committee). WEBMAC is made up of a small number of volunteers who have worked incredibly hard to raise awareness of the needs of nursing moms at OHSU and establish lactation rooms with hospital grade pumps in almost every building on campus. The liaison role will be essential to keep the two groups connected, and to promote communication. This volunteer could also help with building a survey for OHSU parents. This survey would be a follow up of a prior survey which was done to get information about how and where employees and students pump or breastfeed, and other relevant information such as workplace support or obstacles. The first survey has guided the work of the committee. Please contact Jolanda for more information

Join our meetings

Our board meetings are open and we meet once a month to plan new events, brainstorm new activities and discuss progress of our ongoing activities. If you would like to join our meetings or become part of one of our committees, contact us. We love to hear your ideas and feedback!

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