July 7, 2017


If you are a fan of the programming and mission of Women in Science Portland, please consider supporting us with a donation!

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Donating FAQs

Is my support tax deductible?

While your contribution is not currently tax deductible, we are in the process of forming our non-profit and obtaining our tax exempt 501(c)3 status. If we receive the tax exempt status, donations received after 4/18/2017 may be treated as tax deductible contributions.  However, we cannot guarantee that our application will be approved at this time. We will keep you updated with the latest news regarding our non-profit formation, and will update this form as soon as we obtain our tax exempt 501(c)3 status.


Can I donate money in other ways?

Can I donate items other than money ?

  • Absolutely!  If you would like to make an in-kind donation such as equipment/materials, printing, or want to provide hosting venue, please email us at info@womeninsciencepdx.org.  These donations, however, just like our monetary donations, are not tax deductible at this time.