August 18, 2017

Mission & Values

Our Mission

Building a community of supportive networks for the development, retention, and promotion of women in the sciences. ​

Our Values

We believe women in the sciences includes any person identifying as a woman who works, studies, or aspires to be in a science-related field.

We create programming that is focused on professional and personal development, cross-career mentoring, networking, community building, and outreach and education.

We promote healthy and productive environments for identifying and addressing issues specific to women in the sciences, encouraging dialogue that highlights and embraces diversity across all scientific careers.

We offer support and real-life guidance for navigating a balanced scientific career path and provide a platform for women to learn from one another’s experiences.

We foster creative and critical thinking to positively influence policies related to women and to science.

We engage younger generations to increase awareness of opportunities for female scientists and provide role models to increase visibility of women in STEM-related fields.

We expect participants in our events to be respectful to our community and follow our code of conduct.

Who We Are

All of our activities are developed and planned by our dedicated group of volunteer board members and steering committee members. We are always looking for motivated people from the greater Portland area, especially if you have specific programming ideas you would like to propose. A great way to learn more about how to get involved or pitch your ideas is to attend one of our steering committee meetings. Our monthly meetings are open to all, please reach out if you would like more information.